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Learn how to surf, stand up paddle board, rentals & stay only 1.5hrs from Tokyo Japan www.splashguesthouse.com

The 2 Day Surf Tour - is for beginners to advanced alike, You will find this trip is not just your average tour but is more an education in the "life of a surfer living in Japan" as our guides will be passing on more than 20 years of valuable knowledge to you.

Most of our customers are beginners but many experienced surfers take our trips even Japanese basically because we are able to find the best waves on any given day to suit the abilities of the group. For any new surfer having experienced surfers on board is a real bonus, & by hanging out with them it will greatly improve your surfing.

We often have Japanese surfers from other parts of the country join our trips wanting to surf these parts of the coast which is an added bonus as well if you are on your first Japan trip.

The drawback to all this is your vocabulary will change and words like pits, gnarly, point break, going off! Si-core! , nami decai , Kaze will quickly become part of your vocabulary but do not worry It is all part of the experience.

We will travel up to 250kms from "JST HQ" to either "Fukushima" / "North Ibaraki" / "South Ibaraki" / "North Chiba" / "Central Chiba" / "South Chiba" / "Kanagawa" / "Izu" coast looking for the best surf conditions suited to the groups ability.

Why would you come on a Surf Tour ?We are a family owned Surf Tour company half of which is Japanese & the other British.With a couple of surf groms tagging along to boot!

All of our guides speak English & Japanese & are fully trained.

Local knowledge is everything and we make this our company motto. In turn this helps us find quality waves which gives you a Japanese Surf Tour you will never forget.

You wont find anyone better!

Other things to do as well. *depending on location

Fishing , Snorkeling , Body surfing , Skim boarding , Skateboarding , Bike tour , kyaking , Cliff Jumping , Sand Boarding , Golf , BBQ , walks , Power Kites , Jet skiing , Sailing , really the list is endless.

But our hope is always that the surf is cranking & there is no time to do anything else but surf eat & sleep for 2 days straight.

General Information

  • Tours Operate 7 days a week, *depending on Bookings from one of our 3 drop off & pick up points. "Ikebukuro / Shinkuku / Harajuku "

  • We are limited to 6 surfers and most trips book out so please book early ! As we run a strictly first come first served rule.

  • Pick up times may vary, one departure per day depending on the tides & conditions (6:30am). Please check pick up point maps here.

  • Return time is on the following day around 5.00pm - 6.00pm unless you convince our staff the surf is to good to leave.

  • Most of our customers are aged between 18 & 45. The minimum age is 16.

  • Safety ratio no more than 6 customers to 1 staff member

What to bring with you?

Personal items enough for 2 days , towel , camera , party funds , sunscreen , sunglasses , accommodation fee (see accommodation section below) beach toys , snack & food bribes for the guides and as much energy as you can muster.


There are so many options in Japan with of course various price levels as well. (generally between 4,000 yen - 6,000 yen)

It really depends on where we are surfing as to where we will be staying, this can range from a Japanese hot spring resort , a Japanese bed & breakfast , a small hotel, a small cabin on a camp site or even in tents directly on the beach!

We do however know the night before the trip so we can advise you to which one it will be but we also listen to what our guest preference is as well.


Yen 15,000 + Accommodation Fee Includes surfboard and wetsuit (lessons not included). Return Surfers Yen 13,000 with Voucher

Yen 13,000 + Accommodation Fee Surfers with all their own gear or people who just want to hang out on the beach. A great way to escape Tokyo for a few days!

Our two day trip operates all year round however our main surf season running from approximately mid Late April through to December. The later half of the year the water is a lot warmer, & thus more enjoyable for the beginners surfer with limited gear.

For pre-arranged group of 6 we can arrange a discount and design a specific tour to the group.

For all bookings and special enquiries please contact us directly using the details below. See You Soon!