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Learn how to surf, stand up paddle board, rentals & stay only 1.5hrs from Tokyo Japan www.splashguesthouse.com

Accommodation: Depending where we surf or you request the accommodation can be cheap hotels, bed & breakfasts , wood cabins ,hot spring resorts, or during certain months fantastic for camping right on or near the beach.

What to Bring:

1 Week Southern Tour : We will spend a week hunting waves in the following areas, "Central Chiba" - "South Chiba" - "Kanagawa" - "Izu" all of these places on a good day can have epic surf conditions & are more often not called the "Home Of Surfing" by Japanese people. Every area is different as is every break every day is as exciting as the one before thats for certain just make sure you pack a huge memory card for your camera your going to need it! With so many scenic spots & things to see along the. Although we always hope the surf is going to be to good to do anything else but surf.

Whats the difference between a 1 week tour & a custom adventure?

Our 1 week tours are mainly taken by beginner to intermediate level surfers due to the locations and types of waves we surf we also stick to the less challenging breaks & throw as much sight seeing and other activity's in as possible to make for a really well rounded Japanese Surf Tour Trip.

Our Custom Adventure is the total opposite as we surf some of the most challenging waves in tougher conditions & the trip really is all about the surfing & nothing more.

Which Tour should i choose?

The real answer is it does not matter as more than 75% of customers come back again to do the other tour at a later date.

The 1 week Surf Tour - is aimed at intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a full 7 day Japan Surf Trip but at a slightly cheaper price than our full blown Custom Tour. Chose between our Northern & Southern Tours both very different in many ways apart from one they both have fantastic Quality Surf !!

We have many return customers as well as people who move to Japan to live & work but want to surf, join us on these trips. For reasons such as it is a great way to see Japan & make new friends along the way as well as getting to see the real Japan not just the big city. But mainly because surfing can be a pretty scary sport & Japan can be a pretty formidable place to even get to the beach let alone go surfing on your own for the very first time.

So it is a great way to experience the Japanese surf or learn the coastline and breaks for when you are ready to finally strike out in the big blue all on your own.

Current Tours

Because we cover such a large amount of coast line & we believe in spending more time in the water than on the tarmac we have split our week tours into the Northern Tour & the Southern Tour

(see below for further details)

1 Week Northern Tour